Sibelius 6 CAN run on a steam-powered laptop!

Yes my friends, it's true. Sibelius 6 can run on a steam-powered laptop. (Definition of a steam-powered laptop: iBook G4 with Mac OS X Version 10.4.11, a 1.33 GHz processor and 1.25 GB memory. I believe the newest MacBooks have a 2.13 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 2 GB of memory. Oh, and my computer speakers are blown, but that's another story.)

This is where I start weeping: I didn't know my computer was steam-powered until two days ago when my much-anticipated arrival of Sibelius 6 finally arrived in the mail. I eagerly slid the DVD-ROM into my laptop.

And then it spit it out. Rejected it.

Okay, fine. Try again. Same thing.

After figuring out that there was nothing wrong with my drive, I decided to call tech support the next day. (Actually I called the same evening, but tech support can't help you when they're closed.)

I called tech support the next morning while tweeting that the notation gods mock me. They asked what version OS I had, how much memory I had, etc. They said they would send me another disk. Great. Another week of waiting.


I am now sold on Twitter. dspreadbury saw my tweet. (He is the Sibelius Senior Product Manager. Did you know that he also runs the Sibelius Blog? Did you know there was a Sibelius Blog?) He asked me what type of computer I had, and then said that my drive might not be able to read dual-layer media. (TRANSLATION: The gerbil in my computer died.)

He then instructed me to go to a site and download the program directly. Yay! He saves the day!

(Caveat: Um, it took a whole day to download. I mean, you try loading 2.4 GB in a single shot. I think I made 5 attempts that day. Stupid...Safari browser....)

So, next time I will demonstrate why I like Sibelius 6 so much and why I don't mind that it takes forever to load on my computer. (Nope, I don't mind, I just die inside knowing I have to replace my beloved laptop.)