Globalization At Its Finest

On Friday I saw the latest 60x60 Video (2009/International Mix) at the MainStreet Cinema on the University of Cincinnati's campus. The 60x60 idea is something that I'm only somewhat familiar with (I did A 60x60 competition earlier this year, but it wasn't part of THE 60x60 Project).

My only gripe is that I found out about this viewing ONLY one week before the event, which means this wasn't highly publicized. However, I noticed that my friends Hermes Camacho, Danny Clay, and Dennis Bathory-Kitsz had their pieces performed. (Danny, get a website!)

What I liked most about this project was the mosaic of electro-acoustic pieces assembled with little bits of video art (by Patrick Liddell). I feel that electro-acoustic music needs some kind of visual (live or recorded) that accompanies the music, unless you have a specific listening room.

Okay, maybe I was imagining something a little more darker, comfortable, and Québécois, but maybe McGill University had a different idea.

Anyway, I'm glad I went! I plan on attending more 60x60 events in the future (if I can make them). And, maybe I'll contribute someday? The nearest deadline is December 31, but I have the wind piece (+parts) due then! Ack! If only I didn't have