The New Year (2010)

Well, 2009 - it's over. I kind of see it as a decent year. I think the highlight of my year was my completing the Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin' Wing Challenge (along with Angelique Poteat). Here's my picture to prove it:

Anyway, for lack of ideas, I'm going to list some New Year's Resolutions in three different categories (and I stole this from the WSJ, btw.)


1. I'm going to try to have every new piece of mine funded, whether it be through a commission, grant, or some kind of barter system. (I had a friend of mine commission me with a looney and a bottle of Cognac. Hey, some people were paid for their services in vodka, so I'll count it.) I know this may seem like a lofty goal, but this is doable. If I want to make a living as a composer, I need to do this.

2. I'll try keeping the blog up. Also, I'm helping CCM^2 get their blog up and running (FYI).


1. Get into football. I can do this. I will follow the USC Trojans (yes, I have to get over the fact that the football players during the 2000 season would constantly interrupt my music history classes...) and quite possibly the Bengals. (Paul Brown Stadium is the only football stadium to make a list of "America's favorite 150 buildings and structures," according to a Harris Interactive survey.) I think I've had a hard time following football because (a) I thought I was too good for it and (b) LA never really had an NFL team. Anyway, excuses are over.

2. Learn to play golf.

3. Follow the Dodgers more closely.

4. Have great style.

5. Wear more eyeliner.

INDUSTRY (or changes that should be made to my profession)

Again, like I mentioned last year (via Facebook, not blog post), I don't know what the deal is with composers disregarding librettists. Why are they dwindling?

And, as long as we're looking forward (by looking backward), here's Greg Sandow's Top ten changes in classical music. (I know I should have posted this earlier, but Mr. Sandow barely posted this himself on December 29.)