Masterclass with eighth blackbird

Tomorrow (or hopefully tomorrow) I'll post about the eighth blackbird concert from Tuesday night, which was fantastic and included an acoustic version of Reich's Double Sextet performed by eighth blackbird and the CCM's Chamber Players. For now, I'll talk about the masterclass.

Rebecca Danard and I performed Sounds from the Gray Goo II - a structured improvisation for bass clarinet and laptop for a masterclass with eighth blackbird. Here is the performance (shot from my dinky digital camera).

Initially there was some drama with the speakers: Rebecca and I had rehearsed and sound-checked the performance in the original room where the masterclass was supposed to be held. After rehearsal, I was happily checking my email in bed when I received a message that said, "The eighth blackbird masterclass will be held on Corbett Auditorium." What?!

Long story short, everything turned out okay, even if I had to borrow someone's external computer speakers. It worked! Now I must work on my posture.