composer FAIL #7

I was trying to keep my tradition (initiated last Thursday) of posting a picture of modern architecture/art that I liked that was related to the day's post. Yesterday's photo was from David Byrne's Playing the BuildingMonday's post featured a picture of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power building (aka the John Ferraro Building), which was shown prominently in the movie "Inception." (Supposedly, according to my grandfather, when this building was completed, the owners/architects/people of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion weren't too happy that the LADWP building looked cooler.)

Today, well, I was swamped with yet another rejection letter. So, to keep with my tradition, here is a picture of the CalTrans building in Los Angeles by Morhphosis.

And here is my rejection letter.

Honestly I don't know which piece I sent them. At least they believe I'm a "Composer." What I need to tell myself is that Mark Ruffalo went on 800 auditions before he got a part in a movie. Sigh.

In other news, I might be able to post a composer WIN sometime soon. Please stay posted.