eighth blackbird comp comp makeover

Do you know what today is? The postmark deadline for eighth blackbird's revised comp comp! There was a bit of controversy surrounding the original competition, mainly that composers were being charged to enter the competition. I was okay with the guidelines; some were not. The end result is that they relaunched their competition. I initially wasn't going to participate, but now I think I can! I draw your attention to a certain requirement.

"A maximum of 3 clearly labeled recordings on CD or DVD and corresponding scores of pieces you have composed within the last 5 years that you feel demonstrate your ability to write successfully for eighth blackbird."
Before I was required to submit a piece for sextet, but not anymore! Because, what says "I can totally write successfully for eighth blackbird!" than a piece for...9 VIOLAS.

Okay, I'm screwed. Looks like I'll be receiving another rejection letter at the end of the year.