attack of the robo list #1

Here is a series I'm starting that highlights cold, heartless form letters that are sent to me via email. Obviously these are sent with no remorse, no research, and therefore used no human brains. Case study #1:

Wait...21 YEARS OLD AND YOUNGER? Come on! I have less than one month left to bask in my "young composer" glory. As much as I like being carded now (and trust me, this doesn't happen as frequently as it used to), here I'm being carded in a bad way.

This gets better: the list was sent to *all* my composer friends, most of whom are over 21. We composers already know what to do with this type of form letter. (As my friend Tim put it, we give it the middle finger and delete it.)

Also, one of my other colleagues jokingly thought that these younger composers were more successful than her.

Ha! Rest assured, Donia, you do not suck at life. This robo-list email sucks. You're a good composer.